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Be a part of the electric revolution: join over 65,000 100% electric Nissan LEAF owners already making the most of zero emissions driving across the globe in the world's best-selling electric vehicle. Now built in Britain, Greenhous are proud to present the new 100% electric Nissan LEAF - the best just got better.


Discover the smart fluidity of the New Nissan LEAF. Charge it at home or on the go, control it with your smart phone and delight in the uncompromising comfort, outstanding technology and unexpected power of a genuine game-changer. The future just got real.

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    up to
    miles per

    Just another day of zero emissions driving with LEAF. No petrol, no emissions. Back home, time to charge up during off-peak hours while sleeping.

  • Zero road tax

  • EV Analytics

    The combimeter helps to maximise your range by instantly displaying energy consumption and regeneration, state of charge, remaining energy, capacity levels and distance-to-empty in an easy to read format.

  • B-Mode Driving

    Flick the mouse into B-mode and the hi-tech regenerative braking system will increase the energy recycled back into the power supply when you brake or decelerate.

  • 360° Vision

    Enjoy a crystal-clear view with the 360° Around View Monitor. Four wide-angled cameras offer a front, rear and/or side view as well as a bird’s eye view for the ultimate ease of parking.

  • Rapid Charger

    30 MINS. Go from 0-80% in approximately half an hour: rapid charging is the fastest battery boost available, making life easier and longer trips possible. The national network of rapid chargers is expanding all the time, for example at Nissan dealers and motorway service stations.

  • Home Charging Unit

    4-8 HOURS. Charge your Nissan LEAF overnight using a Home Charging Unit and reach full charge in approximately 8 hours, or even 4 hours with the optional 6.6kW on-board charger. Be sure to have your Home Charging Unit installed by an approved electrician.

  • Cable + Domestic Plug

    12 HOURS. Use your Nissan EVSE cable to charge your LEAF where you like – at public charging stations, at work or at home (so long as the domestic socket is on a professionally installed dedicated circuit). Providing 10A power, it will charge from empty to full in approximately 12 hours.


Nissan have got you covered. For longer than you think. Nissan know you will enjoy your car for a long time. So long in fact, that they made their warranty last for 3 years or 60,000 miles. And just to keep your Nissan looking as fresh and gorgeous from day one, they protect it with their standard 3-year paint warranty and 12-year anti-corrosion warranty. Think of it as a free spa treatment for your car.

Available from £15,990
(includes £5,000 government incentive)
Nissan LEAF