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Twizy is a totally different way to approach the city. Think a strong sense of sharing and a stand-apart difference that brings people together. Because the outside is where things happen, its inside is made for close partnership. 100% fun to drive, this gives you sensations only Twizy drivers can really enjoy!


Renault Twizy is THE vehicle designed for the city. Its innovative design and futuristic architecture will wrap you in complete freedom!

  • no
    up to
    miles per

    Twizy fully charges in 3 ˝ hours. The onboard computer tells you the percentage of battery charge remaining.

  • Zero road tax

  • Silence

    The silence of a 100% electric motor, which gives instant pulling power and acceleration.

  • Energy Recovery

    Twizy recharges itself during deceleration. As with the full Z.E. range, you get energy from the moment you lift your foot off the accelerator: the wheels drive the motor then acts as a generator to recharge the battery.

  • Simplicity

    The simplicity of an automatic gearbox, so the Twizy is a doddle to drive smoothly (as if you’d do it any other way).

  • No Battery Memory

    Twizy batteries do not suffer from the memory effect, you can top up your Twizy at any time, regardless of the remaining power level.

  • Hands Free Bluetooth Kit

    Available as an accessory, a Bluetooth kit with a LCD screen. It lets you stay connected, browse directories and listen to your music.

  • Parking assist

    Effortless parking. Find the tightest spaces and own them.


With 4 Years’ Warranty and Renault Assistance as standard.

Available from £CALL
(includes the government plug-in car grant)