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Tuesday 12th February 2013 - 13:00 Greenhous Named Top Performer in Ampera Sales Outside London
Greenhous Named Top Performer in Ampera Sales Outside London With a successful 2012 under their belts and this year starting just as strong, Greenhous will credit much of its success to the revolutionary Vauxhall Ampera. The largest Vauxhall retailer in the county has been named the top performer for Ampera sales outside of London.

Greenhous Cars and Commercials is one of the few dealers selected to stock the Ampera and has just taken its 50th order. The award-winning electric vehicle now has more than 40 awards to its name including Green Car of the Year by both What Car? And Top Gear magazine.

Richard Potts, sales director, said “The Ampera really is the future for economic and environmentally friendly driving. In today’s society, people are becoming increasingly eco-conscious - many looking for alternative ways to lessen their carbon footprint. Electric cars have been around for a while, but the Ampera is the first to offer a 360 mile range.”

Electricity stored within the battery powers the wheels for up to 50 miles, this is sufficient for 85% of daily commutes in the UK. The Ampera also has an on-board range extender (a small petrol engine) which seamlessly engages to generate electricity for longer journeys boosting the range by a further 310 miles. This means the car is always running on battery power.

The Ampera uses revolutionary E-REV technology meaning staff have had to attend training in order to ensure specialist knowledge is constantly on hand. Dave Sullivan, aftersales director/general manager believes that this has helped with Ampera sales.

“Because the Ampera is such an innovative product which works in a completely different way to the rest of the Vauxhall range, we have had to keep up in terms of specialist expertise. Both sales and technical staff have embraced the product with intense training in order to enhance their knowledge. In fact, our staff have become so advanced that we have even been used to train Vauxhall.

“Andy Gunner who is a Gold Level Vauxhall master technician, worked extremely hard in order to understand the Ampera inside and out. He was then asked by Vauxhall to work alongside a member of their team in order to help master the product.”

Dave continued “This really shows how dedicated our technicians are by learning about each product thoroughly which has undoubtedly contributed to our high sales figures. Being asked to train Vauxhall is a major achievement that Andy should be proud of.

“Our sales and technical staff will continue to develop their specialist knowledge, reassuring the customer that they are in safe hands when buying from Greenhous.”