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Thursday 8th August 2013 - 09:58 Renault Captur's Imagination in Shrewsbury
Renault Captur's Imagination in Shrewsbury At the end of last month, Greenhous took Renaults latest offering to the square in Shrewsbury along with the exciting electric Twizy, the Zoe and the new Clio. The Captur along with the other vehicles took pride of place in the centre of town, allowing people to get a firsthand experience of all the models.

With its low price points and eye-catching exterior, the Renault Captur has already made a convincing bid to take on the Nissan Juke and Mini Countryman since its launch in May. The new crossover is based on the Clio and offers personalisation and practicality in the form of a compact mini-SUV.

The Captur uses the expressive styling and driving position of an SUV, the cabin space and modular interior of an MPV and the agility and driving enjoyment of a compact saloon car.
What really sets this crossover apart from its competitors along with the un-beatable price is the option to personalise it.

The Captur comes in three collections – Arizona, Manhattan or Miami and customisation options on top of these include exterior and interior features, roof colour, roof decoration and alloy wheels.

Ian Parkes, sales manager at Greenhous Renault, said “We have already had an extremely successful couple of months since the launch of the Captur and sales are really taking off. The price is obviously appealing to the customer and with the popularity of crossovers on the rise; the Captur starts at a competitive £12,495.

“With the option of personalisation a growing trend in the market within the fashion led sector, Captur breathes a welcome breath of fresh air into the mini-SUV sector and allows the customer to have a real input into the final design of their car.”

“The event at the Shrewsbury Square last month enabled us to take the vehicles to the customer rather than them having to come into the showroom. This meant that we were able to give people who wouldn’t normally visit us the chance to get a feel for all the vehicles.”

Ian continued “The event was a huge success for us in raising awareness not only for Greenhous and the takeover, but for the exciting new products Renault has to offer. Customers sat in the vehicles, tested out the functions inside and were able to get up close and personal with the overall design.”

Not only was the Captur at the event, but the unique, two-seater electric Twizy also made an appearance. This fully customisable and eye-catching vehicle was brought up to Head Office recently for staff to try out and proved to be a real hit.

Kara Hoofe and Kate Dean from the Marketing department took the Twizy around the centre of Shrewsbury to see what the pocket-size car had to offer. “We loved driving the Twizy around, it really was great fun and the amount of attention we got whilst driving was huge” said Kara.

“The Twizy itself is very unusual and unique in its appearance. Being fully electric with only two seats, it is clearly made for inner-city, eco-driving and that was obvious when driving it – parking couldn’t be easier! The Twizy also received a lot of attention at the event in the square and we believe it is definitely one to watch for the future of electric driving.”