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Ducato Electric: Fiat's new electric mobility solution

Fiat Professional is pleased to present its first 100% electric vehicle, showcasing the dedication of FCA's technological innovation. The new Ducato electric van is much more than just a commercial vehicle. It is a totally new way of conceiving electric mobility.

Fiat Ducato Electric

The electric van made by FCA.
100% Ducato, 100% Electric. Ducato Electric is a commercial vehicle without compromise. Producing zero-emissions on the road, the award winning Ducato can handle your business needs with its efficient and flexible design. Created in accordance to the FCA Group's most advanced quality standards. Ducato Electric is the pride of the Fiat Professional range.

Ducato, the completely new electric solution built on a winning formula
The new Ducato Electric improves on the original, in terms of performance and innovation, especially fuel consumption and costs. Whether you run a small business, operate a large Fleet or simply looking to add an innovative & environmentally friendly proposition to your long–term rental, Ducato electric offers the perfect solution for all businesses that are conscious of electric mobility. With a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is extremely advantageous for the customer.

Fiat Ducato Electric
Fiat Ducato Electric

Ducato Electric takes you anywhere

Ducato Electric offers a new concept in mobility. Anyone driving a Ducato Electric currently enjoys additional benefits. For example, reserved parking for electric vehicles at charging points, free access to congestion zones, and reduced road taxes*. Wherever your work takes you, Ducato Electric will give you greater freedom.

*Advantages are subject to changes in law and regulations.

The electric vehicle that offers miles of autonomy

Ducato Electric is the first fully electric Fiat Professional model. Choosing the new electric powertrain doesn't mean you have to miss out on the Ducato's excellent load volumes, from 10 to 17 m3, and a payload of up to 1,950 kg.

You will have a driving range from 137 to 224 miles (based on NEDC cycle) depending on the battery size chosen**

Charging Ducato Electric will be simple thanks to the wide range of charging systems: 6.6kW, 11kW, 22kW and 50 Kw fast charging. This means up to 80% battery life in under 1 hour with a 50kw fast charging direct current.

Fiat Ducato Electric
RANGE OPTIONS From 137 Miles to 224 Miles (based on NEDC cycle)
CHARGE TIME TO 80% Under 1 Hour Using 50kw fast charging direct current.
Fiat Ducato Electric Your Next Steps