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Transporting your future

E-Vans preview

Volkswagen are changing urban logistics. Their upcoming electric van range combines decades of experience and proven technology as well as a joint offering with FIA Formula E champions ABT. Their compact batteries don’t affect the load area and recharge overnight or from 0-80% in 45 minutes using a fast charger. Designed for cities, all Volkswagen electric vans will have a range tailored for urban multi-drops. You’ll enjoy instant maximum torque and a quiet, refined drive too.

UK specification, pricing and launch dates to be confirmed. Sign up for updates below.

Volkswagen ABT e-Transporter

ABT e-Transporter

The iconic much-loved Transporter has been converted into an electric version for zero-emission local journeys. The ABT e-Transporter comes with an underfloor battery developed by ABT, meaning there is no compromise on load area.

Volkswagen e-Crafter

The e-Crafter

Making range anxiety, poor performance and limited cargo space a thing of the past, the e-Crafter is part of a new generation of electric vehicles that can compete with combustion engines on both performance and efficiency. Boasting 290Nm of torque, just over 100 miles on a full charge and space for 4 Euro pallets, the e-Crafter is just as hard-working as its diesel stablemates.

It’s already on sale in Germany, where drivers have been won over by its excellent acceleration and handling, driver assistance packages, quiet and smooth driving experience, and seamless power delivery.

It’s not just drivers who benefit. Developed specifically for deliveries in European cities, the e-Crafter offers lower running costs, reduced emissions, environmentally-friendly credentials and a sizeable payload. As low-emission zones or total diesel bans from cities come into force and governments maintain electric vehicle grants, the e-Crafter could be the sensible choice for forward-thinking inner-city operators with an eye for a deal.

Volkswagen e-Crafter
Volkswagen e-Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter HyMotion concept

The Crafter HyMotion concept

Based on the e-Crafter, the Crafter HyMotion concept has a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain and smaller batteries, giving a longer range of around 310 miles with zero emissions.

With its long-range capability, rapid refuelling and 4.25t gross vehicle weight promising a respectable payload, the Crafter HyMotion is just as suited to covering long distances as the e-Crafter is to inner cities.

RANGE OPTIONS e-Crafter expected to achieve 107 miles
CHARGE TIME Charge times to be announced
Volkswagen Electric Vans Your Next Steps