DPD opens all-electric delivery hub in central London​

In preparation for central London becoming an Ultra Low Emission Zone and helping protect Londoners’ health, parcel delivery firm DPD will make up to 2,000 deliveries per day by all-electric vehicles following the opening of an all-electric depot in Westminster.

The company has announced the opening of its Vandon Street depot in the heart of the city, with operations to be carried out solely by all-electric vehicles from the site.

DPD Westminster has invested around £500,000 in refurbishing the site to include electric vehicle charging facilities to service its fleet. The all-electric vehicles operating from the site include two fully-electric Fuso eCanter 7.5t vehicles which will deliver parcels into the depot each day ready for distribution.

Last mile deliveries will then be carried out by a fleet of 10 Nissan eNV200 all-electric vans from Greenhous. These are capable of making 120 stops a day.

DPD also have eight micro-vehicles from Norwegian manufacturer Paxster which are delivering to the immediate area around the depot and are expected to operate 60 stops on one charge per day.

DPD is expecting an investment of around £3m at the DPD Westminster depot over the next 10 years. Plans are already advanced on a second all-electric London depot in Shoreditch.In visionary plans DPD has highlighted a further six all-electric depots in the capital.

Greenhous Fleet are delighted to be partners with DPD having secured the contract to supply the Nissan eNV200 vans for use in the capital.Ray Coates, Greenhous Fleet Sales Director revealed: “DPD are delighted with the eNV200 vans and have another 75 on order for delivery next year.

“This is an excellent example of how all-electric technology has advanced to a point so that operators in cities are realising the benefits that can be had by taking on all-electric vehicles to support their business delivery.

“In the light of continued implementation of stricter low emission targets in the cities we can only see all-electric vehicles numbers growing.We are fully prepared for the upsurge in all-electric fleets having installed rapid chargers at our Fleet Centre in Shropshire.”

Commenting on the DPD investment in Westminster, Dwain McDonald, chief executive of DPD, said: “This is a hugely significant announcement for us with Westminster set to be the first of a series of all-electric DPD depots.

“Reducing and neutralising our carbon footprint; providing smarter and more efficient urban delivery solutions and driving innovation are at the heart of DPD’s DrivingChange programme. We want to be the leader in alternative fuel vehicles in the UK, with the ultimate aim being to move to a zero emission fleet.

“Westminster is clearly the first step towards that goal and will be instrumental in developing our future EV proposition and strategy. DPD Westminster is an outstanding location and the vehicles are fantastic. We looked at a wide range of options before making our decision and we’ve been testing these three models extensively in recent months. In terms of reliability and performance they have been excellent.”

There are still many obstacles to overcome if the use of all-electric vehicles is to meet the Government ideals for later in this century.Not least being the lack of charging infrastructure.However, DPD are setting the pace with their investment and they are working hard with the key stakeholders including the Mayor of London and Transport for London to ensure that they play their part in making London a cleaner and less congested capital. The Mayor’s ambition is for all new cars and vans to be zero-emission from 2030.