It is essential that the technical staff at Greenhous dealerships keep up to date with the changes and technological advances in modern day vehicles. All of the Greenhous technicians, regardless of which brand they work for, are regularly engaged on training courses. At Greenhous Nissan in Shrewsbury, technician Rory O’Brien has just completed a course on the service and maintenance of electric vehicles.

Rory, who is from Shrewsbury, attended a 4 day course of theory, practical tasks and examination at the Nissan Training College in Watford.  Electric and hybrid vehicles present a new set of challenges to the technician, particularly as the batteries have to be safely discharged and disconnected when working on a vehicle.

Rory works on the all-electric Nissan LEAF and the all-electric e-NV200 van at the Featherbed Lane dealership. These vehicles have an electric motor with direct drive to the wheels rather than a standard engine and gearbox. Rory has to wear special protective gear, including high voltage protection gloves, as the 440 volt battery, as well as the 12 volt, could result in a serious or fatal injury if incorrectly handled.

Having been in the trade since he left school, Rory has a lot of experience working on cars, motorcycles and even trucks. He started his career on an apprenticeship.  Rory joined Greenhous Nissan just over a year ago and is also a qualified MOT technician.

Rory is pictured with a Nissan LEAF on charge outside the Greenhous Nissan dealership. He says of his colleagues: “We have a great team here. We help each other out when needed and can always find time for a joke or two. It is good to work in a place where we have a good spirit and get on so well.”

There are two charging points at the Greenhous Nissan dealership where Nissan electric car owners can charge up for free.